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putuoshan(copyright CRM).jpgThere is so much to cover, where to start? Well for starters we will try to avoid repeating the same shop worn statistics, e.g. “20 of World’s top 30 most polluted cities,” that are often trotted out when talking about Chinese environmental matters. The numbers in the quote vary, but the lack of attribution is a fairly consistent feature of this type of hyperbolic “statistic.” What type of pollution are they talking about anyway, and how do you weight various pollutants to determine “most” polluted? Oh well, we’ll try to stick to the facts and the law to the extent they can be determined (more on this point later), keying off of current news items and emerging story lines. This blog is obviously in English, and I am not Chinese. There are plenty of wonderful bloggers addressing these same issues in Chinese; I hope to link to some of these. This blog exists primarily for those who may not be able to fully engage with the Chinese blogs. I hope, however, that everyone will feel welcome to contribute here.


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