china-tree.jpgI always wanted to have a tree growing through my house and these lucky folks have a whopper.  Of course this has nothing to do with Chinese environmental law, but hey its Sunday and I liked the pictures. . . . The story was originally published here.

Old tree grows out of living room

Guo Zhongping and his wife Wu Zuyan, both 78, have a special decoration for their living room, a over 20-meter tall honey locust that pierces through the ceiling. This photo, taken on March 2, shows a huge tree growing out of the living room in a farmer’s home in Qunying village of Shiquan County in Shanxi Province.
tree-house.jpg[Photo: Xinhua]

The tree with a trunk that’s about one-meter in diameter stands right in the middle of the room and its crown spreads over the house, which is in Qunying village of Shiquan County in Shanxi Province. In 1980, the couple bought the three-room house at 1,100 yuan and moved in with their three kids.
The tree was already there at the time, so they used the tree-room as the living room and the other two as bedrooms, the couple told Xinhua New Agency. No one can tell when the house was built. It has been there, with the tree, and has had five owners since he began to remember things, said Yang Shoucheng, a 91-year-old local resident. A worker from the local forest bureau estimates that the tree is several hundred years old. Guo Zhongping and his wife Wu Zuyan touch the tree that grows in their living room on March 2.

tree-house-2.jpg[Photo: Xinhua]


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